Alabama Lawmakers Approve Bill Blocking State Funds for DEI Efforts

( – Alabama lawmakers just passed a bill that will block state funding to schools that continue to support diversity, equity and inclusion programs (DEI). Conservative lawmakers see DEI as woke propaganda that does nothing but fuel the divide and promote the Left’s agenda. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) signed the legislation on March 20, 2024.

Several conservative Alabama lawmakers introduced SB129 on February 20. Once it goes into effect, it will prohibit state agencies, school boards, and public schools from sponsoring any type of DEI program. Specifically, the law tackles “divisive concepts” related to “race, sex, or religion.” It will withhold vital funding from any institution that doesn’t comply, also giving the power to terminate the job of any employee or contractor who violates the new law.

SB129 mandates that all multiple-occupancy restrooms be assigned based on biological sex, as well, meaning people who identify as transgender cannot choose facilities based on their chosen orientations. The legislation also protects people who refuse to support “divisive” theories, freeing them of any penalties for expressing their beliefs. 

Alabama Senate Republicans issued a press release on the bill on February 22. Sen. Will Barfoot insisted that it would help people celebrate their commonalities instead of focusing on their differences. Sen. Greg Reed, President Pro Tempore of the Alabama Senate, agreed, stating that we should be focusing on all that “unites us.” Alabama Senate Majority Leader Steve Livingston said indoctrination was destroying schools, but now educators can focus on helping students reach their potential.

Several Democrats attempted to derail the effort. Sen. Rodger Smitherman unsuccessfully pulled a filibuster, claiming conservatives were trying to bring back Reconstruction—a period in American history between 1861 and 1900 when the government struggled to determine how to integrate freed slaves into various aspects of society. He said the bill is a step backward from all the progress the country has made since then.

The new law will go into effect on October 1, 2024.

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