Airport Executive Shot in Altercation with Federal Agents

( – Law enforcement must show compelling evidence of a crime to a judge who ensures whether it meets legal standards in order to procure a legal search warrant. Once the judge signs that document, it’s up to the law enforcement agency to serve it. That part can be dangerous for both the recipient and the police, as evidenced by a recent incident in Arkansas.

On the morning of March 19, agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) served a search warrant in Little Rock, Arkansas. The home belonged to Bill and Hillary Clinton Airport Executive Director Bryan Malinowski — who was home at the time. While the details about exactly what transpired are murky, a gunfight ensued, and an ATF agent and Malinowski were hit.

The agent is listed in stable condition at the hospital, but the executive director is reportedly on life support. His brother, Matthew Malinowski, said doctors “don’t think he’s gonna make it.” He said his brother was an avid gun collector who also collected coins. Matthew said the executive director recently met with Arkansas senators about business related to the airport.

Neighbors reported seeing firefighters carrying various tools to the house while guns and ammunition were spotted being carried out to an ATF trailer. Shea De Bruyn, who lives nearby, said she was woken up by gunfire across the street. She told reporters that there were “five or six” shots.

De Bruyn said all the neighbors were curious as to what was going on at Malinowski’s house to attract such a large response. She didn’t seem satisfied with what little information was provided by the police.

Bill Walker, the airport’s commission chairman, said he was “sadden[ed]” by the incident and was “pray[ing] for everyone involved.” The local crime investigation unit is looking into the shooting.

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