Air Force Veteran Found Dead in Parked Car

( – A West Philadelphia man was murdered in his parked car after he dropped off his girlfriend at her home. The deceased, a veteran of the US Air Force, may have been the subject of a targeted attack, although police have not publicly named any suspects or possible motives. The victim was 88 years old.

6ABC reports that Richard Butler had dinner plans with his girlfriend later that evening when he dropped her off in front of her home on March 5. Instead, as soon as the woman went inside, an assailant came up to the man’s SUV and fired at least two rounds. Butler was hit twice in the chest, but the victim managed to drive away. Police found the car stopped on a sidewalk after it apparently hit a potted plant.

Witnesses rushed in to help, according to NBC10, breaking into the SUV with a tire iron in order to get Butler out of the vehicle. Despite their efforts, he was pronounced dead shortly later at Penn Presbyterian Hospital.

Home surveillance footage showed an unidentified person getting out of a silver sedan at the street corner minutes before someone opened fire. Family members claim the car had been sitting there for some time before Butler came to drop off his girlfriend. His niece, Minette Finn, said she didn’t think his murder was random. She said the killer waited there for him, then took him down while he sat defenselessly in his car.

Grieving family members described Butler as fun-loving, stating he had a big heart and loved to dance. The whole community reportedly saw the man as a patriarch. His niece said that everyone who knew her uncle loved him, and she’s struggling to understand why someone would kill him in cold blood.

Police are asking for anyone who may have information on Butler’s death to call 215-686-TIPS.

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