Trump Vows to Release JFK, 9/11, Epstein Files If Re-Elected

( – It’s no secret that the government keeps secrets, and in many cases, there are good reasons for it to do so, especially if they are related to national security. There are many things we don’t need to and probably don’t want to know. However, there are other things that either happened so long ago they aren’t a security threat, or they were never a security threat to begin with, that the public now has a right to know. At least that’s the opinion of former President Donald Trump, and he plans to do something about it if he’s re-elected in November.

In a June 2 interview with “Fox & Friends Weekend” host Will Cain, Trump expressed that certain government entities lacked transparency, which led to the rise of conspiracy theories. His solution is to declassify the FBI and CIA files related to such events as 9/11 and the JFK assassination. Another case he feels needs to be exposed is the private files related to convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein.

In the case of 9/11, many want to know what the government knew when about the attack and also any involvement from other countries, specifically Saudi Arabia. The JFK assassination has long been shrouded in controversy. The “magic bullet” theory that claims one bullet struck President John F Kennedy and then hit Texas Governor John Connally has been decried by many experts over the years. There’s also the idea there may have been a second shooter on the “grassy knoll.” If the FBI and CIA files on these incidents are released, Americans may finally have the answers they need.

As for Epstein, while the names of over 150 of his known associates were released in January 2024, many believe more names could be hidden in the investigation files. There are also still unanswered questions in the minds of many surrounding his death in jail in 2019.

It appears Trump wants to clean house if he’s elected to the White House again. Do you agree with his plan to increase trust through transparency?

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