Trump Mocks Haley with Cage Gift After ‘Birdbrain’ Comment

( – Former President Donald Trump tore into GOP primary hopeful Nikki Haley after the close of the second Republican debate, dubbing her “Birdbrain.” He also allegedly had someone from his campaign hand deliver a bird cage and a bag of finch food to her hotel room door just to make sure she got the message. Haley posted a picture of the bizarre gift on X, the social media platform formerly called Twitter.

Haley alleged she returned to her room to find the small cage and seed bag, which had a note affixed to one of the doors reading, “From: Trump Campaign.” She added two hashtags to the image: #PrettyPatheticTryAgain and #YouJustMadeMyCaseForMe. She claims Trump’s sudden focus on her is a good thing because it means he actually sees her as a threat. “Bring it,” she tweeted.

The threat may be legitimate. The Hill reports that Haley’s standing jumped in the polls after the last debate, with many people agreeing, hands down, that she won that night. The former South Carolina governor had already leaped up ahead of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, whose performance during the primary events has been lackluster at best. A recent survey conducted by Saint Anselm College states Trump has 45% of Republicans’ support in New Hampshire. Haley now claims 15%, followed by DeSantis, whose numbers have dropped 18 points since March, down to 11%. Just behind him is Christie, who currently has 10% of the prospective vote.

Haley has seen her numbers rise from long-shot lows as her campaign has progressed, gaining notable bumps with each debate. She might even have enough of the Right’s support to win against President Joe Biden.

Still, the bird cage stunt is so bizarre that some X users accused Haley of staging it herself. Marc Caputo, who writes for The Messenger, retweeted the image later that morning, along with his article on the issue, which states Trump’s campaign did indeed set up the gift. According to Caputo, Trump’s campaign contacted him personally to report the act.

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