Trump and Republicans Target Blue States After Biden’s Debate Disaster

( – President Joe Biden met his predecessor, Donald Trump, on the debate stage on June 27. To say that showing was rife with concern would be an understatement. Biden clearly struggled throughout the 90-minute event and now Trump and the GOP are looking to capitalize on that.

Longtime GOP strategist Colin Reed believes that Biden’s performance in the debate could lead to the crumbling of the so-called “blue wall,” which consists of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Those are the states that helped the president win in 2020. Now, they could be in jeopardy, and if that’s the case, Reed says, “You can kiss Joe Biden’s only viable path to 270 electoral votes goodbye.”

Other blue states that Trump and the GOP want to focus on include New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Virginia. However, even those are hard sells because they haven’t voted for a Republican president in more than 20 years. Yet Reed says there could be a chance, no matter how slim.

In fact, Biden won New Hampshire by 7% in 2020. However, recent polls indicate that Trump has a 2-point lead in the Granite State following the debate. Even a senior Trump adviser in the state believes it’s in play for Trump. Trump Campaign spokesperson Karoline Leavitt said the former president “is on offense with a winning message and growing his movement every single day” while Democrats continue to flounder.

However, Kathy Sullivan, a Democratic National Committee member, says the opposite is true, “New Hampshire is not a Trump-friendly state.”

Democrats clearly have their work cut out for them. Polling indicates that Trump has a good chance — even at a small margin — of winning back the White House this fall. There are rumblings that someone else might jump in and take Biden’s place on the ticket, and many high-ranking Congressmen have called for him to step down.

There are still approximately four months left until the election. Time will tell how successful the GOP’s efforts are.

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