Supreme Court Judge Loses It and Bangs Table During Courtroom Outburst

( – Former President Donald Trump took the stand on Monday, November 6, in a Manhattan, New York, Supreme Court to testify in a $250 million civil fraud lawsuit brought by State Attorney General Letitia James against the Trump Organization. Yet after the witness repeatedly ignored court instructions, Trump lawyer Alina Habba alleged that Justice Arthur Engoron became “unhinged,” shouting at her client, her co-council, and her after “slamming” a table with his hand.

Although Engoran instructed the witness to give short, concise answers to attorneys’ questions, the former president insisted on making speeches that often veered from the subject and allowed him to provide his opinions about the trial, the judge, AG James, and sometimes wholly unrelated topics, like his golf course in Scotland. Engoron asked lead Trump attorney Chris Kise to “control” his client because the courtroom wasn’t a “political rally,” according to The Hill.

After Trump made another colorful remark regarding how the Trump Organization undervalued his 72-story property at 40 Wall Street at $550 million — current market appraisals list the property value at $130 million — the judge again asked Kise to control his client. Kise expressed his surprise that the judge wasn’t more interested in hearing “everything this witness has to say.” Habba reportedly rose and told the judge he was there to listen to what Trump had to say.

She told reporters that Engoron yelled at her to sit down and answered he didn’t “want to hear everything this witness has to say,” clarifying that he and the court convened to hear answers to specific questions. At that point, the former president interjected, “This is a very unfair trial.”

On Tuesday morning, Habba said she and Trump’s other attorneys would “obviously” file to dismiss the case or appeal it based on their perception that the justice displayed bias against the former president.

Habba also complained about a gag order Engoron extended to Trump and his lawyers after the former president insinuated court clerk Allison Greenfield tainted proceedings because she was romantically involved with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Later, while under the gag order, Trump accused the clerk of political bias, potentially placing her life in jeopardy. He received a $15,000 fine for breaching the order.

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