Senator Urges Biden to End ‘Covert Mass Amnesty’

( – On June 4, President Joe Biden issued an executive order to secure the border. This action came after the administration urged lawmakers to pass legislation in Congress about the matter for three years. That effort was unsuccessful. Biden’s order bars migrants who cross the border “unlawfully from receiving asylum.” Behind the scenes, the administration is anything but tough on the border.

The same day that Biden issued the order, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) sent a letter to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The communication was in response to The Post’s revelation that the Biden administration has shut down over 350,000 asylum cases “on the merits,” leaving the migrants free to roam the US.

Hawley said he was “alarm[ed]” by the report, accusing DHS of “circumventing its duty to enforce immigration laws.” The lawmaker demanded that Mayorkas alter his “course and put an end to [the] covert mass amnesty program.”

Hawley claimed that the reported actions put American safety at risk, detailing a couple of instances involving migrant-related crimes. He requested answers to three questions by June 17, including what DHS is doing to track said individuals, the number of migrant asylum cases closed, and how many of those migrants subsequently committed crimes.

Immigration lawyers informed the news outlet that authorities don’t pursue the migrants who have had their cases dismissed, but those individuals also can’t apply for work permits or any other benefits. They can, however, reapply for asylum or go another route to gain legal status in America. The dismissed immigration cases reportedly involve only people without a criminal record and are a non-threat to the country.

Still, one ICE officer told The Post he has seen an increase in migrants committing crimes after their cases are closed. If that happens and the migrant is re-entered into the system, the “removal proceedings” timing starts over. That can take years.

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