Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Voices Her Opinion, Sparking Controversy

( – There’s been a lot of concern lately about President Joe Biden’s age. He’s the oldest president to hold office at 81 and would be in his mid-80s by the time he left office were he to win a second term. Additionally, former Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump is in his late 70s. Both men are likely to face off this year in a rematch of the last election. With that, there comes the question as to whether one — or both — may be suffering cognitive decline that could affect how they run the country. A former president’s daughter has now weighed in on the issue.

On Sunday, February 18, Patti Davis, former President Ronald Reagan’s daughter, sat down for an interview with NBC host Kristen Welker. Welker brought up the candidates’ ages and asked Davis if she believed “there should be cognitive tests for people running for the highest office in the land?” Reagan’s daughter answered in the affirmative, saying from “what we know about what age can do … it would probably be a good idea.”

Davis then mentioned her father’s age. Reagan was 69 when he took office and ran for two terms. When he left the White House, he was 77, an age that his daughter says “seems so young now.”

Welker asked Reagan’s daughter what advice she thought her father would have for today’s politicians. Davis said her dad, who passed away in 2004 at the age of 93, “would want people to look at one another as human beings,” something that he did, and she attributes that fact to him and Mikhail Gorbachev being able to work together the way they did.

The age factor is likely to be a major focus of this presidential campaign. Recent polling shows that 74% of people believe Biden is too old to serve the country. When it comes to Trump, where there’s only a four-year difference, 50% of those surveyed believe his age is a concern.

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