Rightwingers Fail Again to Recall Wisconsin GOP Speaker

(LibertySons.org) – Wisconsin state Rep. Robin Vos (R) is the longest-serving assembly speaker in the state’s history. Far-right Republicans began targeting the speaker after the 2020 election. Election officials have now denied their efforts to recall the powerful state leader.

At the end of June, the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) rejected an effort to force a recall on the speaker. One Democratic commissioner and three Republican commissioners determined the recall organizers didn’t have enough valid signatures to force a recall of Vos.

WEC staff members said the organizers had collected 16 more valid signatures than they needed to force the recall. However, the commissioner threw out 188 signatures because the recall organizers collected them after the 60-day petition circulation window. The Racine Recall Committee argued that officials should accept the signatures because the submission deadline was extended two days to account for Memorial Day.

Members of the WEC explained that the law allowed recall organizers extra time to file the petition, but they said the 60-day deadline wasn’t changed.

Democratic Commissioner Mark Thomsen didn’t support the decision to reject the signatures on a technicality. He said that the 6,000 people who wanted the recall shouldn’t be ignored.

The Racine Recall Committee is now calling for the election commission to also be dismantled.

The Racine Recall Committee stated that the commission “demonstrated that it is set up to protect those in power rather than to fairly administer elections and uphold election laws.” The group claimed the WEC was silencing voters in Racine County.

Vos ran afoul of far-right conservatives after the 2020 presidential election when he refused to decertify President Joe Biden’s win and hand the election to former President Donald Trump. He also refused to support a plan to impeach Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe. The nonpartisan administrator has been accused of being part of a conspiracy to elect Biden.

Vos has called the recall organizers “whack jobs and morons.”

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