Red States Seek Court Block on Jack Smith’s Trump Gag Order

( – Special Counsel Jack Smith is seeking a gag order against former President Donald Trump in the classified documents case. Two dozen Republican states tried to block the gag order in a request to the court, but the Trump-appointed judge refused to allow them to get involved in the case.

On June 16, the Republican attorneys general of 24 states filed an amicus brief in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida in opposition to the gag order request. The Conservative prosecutors called the potential gag order “presumptively unconstitutional.”

According to the brief, “Free and fair elections in the [US] depend on candidates’ ability to speak about the important issues of the day.” The Republicans, led by Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird, argued that not allowing Trump to speak wouldn’t just hurt him; it would also hurt voters and states because they would not have all the information before heading to the polls.

The brief urged Judge Alieen Cannon to be careful about “abridging core political speech.”

Smith sought the gag order after Trump accused FBI agents and the Department of Justice of trying to kill him, arguing the former president was putting law enforcement and witnesses in danger. The allegations came after someone shared a screenshot of the search warrant affidavit, which included the FBI’s standard guidelines for the use of force, including allowing deadly force if a situation warrants such action.

Cannon initially denied Smith’s request because he didn’t speak to the defense team and tried to work out a solution without the court. However, she preserved the prosecution’s right to file the motion again at a later date, which Smith’s office did.

On June 17, the conservative judge responded to the Republican attorneys general’s request. Cannon rejected the amicus brief in a paperless order, but she didn’t explain why she was rejecting the GOP prosecutors’ intervention.

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