Prominent Democrat Fundraiser Now Backs Trump and Says Biden Is “Asleep at the Wheel”

( – Typically, when one political party has strong support from an influential individual, that support doesn’t waver. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with a prominent fundraiser for Barack Obama. She’s had a change of heart and is even selling off Obama artwork in order to support Donald Trump this time around.

In 2008, it was estimated that Allison Huynh raised millions of dollars for Democrat candidates, including Barack Obama. She, along with her then-husband Scott Hassan, a programmer for Google, arranged dinners and other fundraisers. Invitees included CEOs and other tech industry leaders. Huynh said, “My role was to bring in Silicon Valley people for the $50,000- and $100,000-per-plate dinners.”

In addition to her hosting skills, she invested in art and other collectible items related to the Democratic Party. Some items she purchased include JFK’s rocking chair for almost $100,000 and the portrait of Obama, who was the model for the iconic HOPE posters. Huynh paid over a million dollars for the mixed-media canvas.

Now, the once die-hard zealot for the Left has become disillusioned with President Joe Biden and others in the Democratic Party. So much so that she no longer considers herself part of the party but is now an Independent. In her NYP interview, she said she feels Biden is “out of touch” and “He’s asleep at the wheel.”

Huynh flew from California to Florida just to attend a Trump rally. After meeting Trump, she had some flattering words for the press. She said she was “Surprised… He was light and funny and intelligent.” She’s also supporting candidates with values she believes in, like lower taxes and better border control.

As for her collectibles, she’s trying to divest herself of politically significant Items. She said, “I am cleaning the house…They don’t have much meaning for me right now.”

If the Democrats are hemorrhaging high-profile supporters like Huynh, who will be left to promote their candidates?

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