Prime Minister Trudeau Escorted Out By Police During Palestinian Protest

( – The surprise attack launched on Israel by Hamas on October 7 and Israel’s brutal and ongoing response to root out what it perceives as terrorists has elicited global protests. International leaders are navigating a difficult path, setting hard lines against condoning terrorism while insisting that embattled governments adhere to accepted rules of engagement and humanitarian standards even in the face of guerilla tactics. On the evening of Tuesday, November 14, police had to escort Prime Minister Justin Trudeau out of a restaurant when more than 250 protesters swarmed the establishment where he was dining.

The CBC reported that Vancouver deployed 100 police officers around 10 p.m. local time “after protesters surrounded a restaurant,” according to Sgt. Steve Addison of the Vancouver Police Department (VPD). Protesters shouting, “Cease fire now!” blocked the entrance to the popular Chinatown eatery and demanded answers from Trudeau.

Earlier in the day on November 14, Trudeau had issued a statement urging the Israeli government to “exercise maximum restraint” as it pursued action against Hamas. Jewish leaders criticized him for making statements overly critical of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, while Palestinian supporters chided the prime minister for not going far enough to call out bad behavior.

Police established a perimeter around the prime minister’s security team as they walked him out of the restaurant and onto the street to a waiting car. Addison described the scene as becoming “a security concern” after protestors began moving barricades and locking arms with one another.

VPD arrested two individuals associated with the protest after meeting resistance while trying to disperse the mob. Officers charged a 27-year-old Coquitlam man after he allegedly punched a female VPD officer and tried to gouge her eyes. She received medical attention at a nearby hospital. Police held the assailant pending formal charges.

Officers also arrested a 34-year-old Vancouver man they claim obstructed the police as they tried to maintain order. VPD later released him from custody.

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