Over 100 People Dead in Central Gaza Refugee Camp Due to Israeli Air Raid

(LibertySons.org) – Despite a Christmas Day op/ed in which Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, vowed to minimize Palestinian civilian casualties in Gaza, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched an airstrike on the al-Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza. The December 24 night attack killed at least 106, based on hospital records witnessed by reporters, and injured hundreds more.

Many Gazans had fled fighting in Gaza City to the north and skirmishes in Khan Younis to the south toward Egypt, trying to find refuge in the central region of the strip near Deir al Balah. Palestinian survivors described how they had brought their families to the al-Maghazi refugee camp, believing it was a safe haven after IDF forces told many of them to move to the refugee camp on Friday, December 22. Yet, two days later, those same forces rained down destruction on them.

According to the Gazan Health Ministry, which answers to the Hamas-run Gazan government in the territory, Israel’s counter-offensive against Hamas since the insurgency’s October 7 attack on the nation has killed more than 20,400 Palestinians. It said women and children comprised more than two-thirds of those killed. The initial attack launched by Hamas in southern Israeli settlements killed at least 1,200, and insurgents took 240 hostages. Hamas still holds 129 captives.

Additionally, Israel blames Hamas for the civilian losses of life, claiming that Hamas has used the Palestinian population as human shields by hiding operations in tunnels under hospitals, schools, mosques, and homes. However, the IDF said it was reviewing the strike on the al-Maghazi refugee camp.

Internationally, calls for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire have come from a UN General Assembly resolution, and many have questioned whether Israel has violated rules of engagement and committed crimes against humanity based on how it has pursued actions against combatants and civilians alike in the Gaza Strip.

Yet, Hamas rejected out-of-hand an Egyptian plan to end hostilities, which would call for the group to relinquish control of Gaza in favor of the creation of a Palestinian government of appointed experts working in concert with Israeli officials.

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