Michelle Obama Refuses to Campaign for Biden Due to Friend’s Treatment

(LibertySons.org) – President Joe Biden is trying to recover from his recent debate loss. Many of his surrogates have shown up to support him in the wake of his disastrous performance. New reports indicate one of his most ardent 2020 supporters doesn’t plan on hitting the campaign trail.

In 2020, former First Lady Michelle Obama strongly endorsed Biden for president. She’d grown close to him and his family throughout the eight years he served as vice president under her husband, former POTUS Barack Obama. This time around, rumors are flying that she is frustrated with the first family because of their treatment of her close friend Kathleen Buhle.

Hunter Biden and Buhle were married for more than two decades and had three children together. In 2015, the couple separated due to infidelity and substance abuse on the part of Hunter. She filed for divorce the following year. The Biden family has faced accusations that they exiled Buhle after she split from Hunter.

Sources have said Michelle Obama has expressed frustration with the Bidens over Buhle’s treatment. The two developed a strong friendship over the years, and the former first lady allegedly said she wouldn’t campaign for the president because of the problems between Hunter’s ex-wife and his family.

Former President Obama has appeared at multiple events for Biden over the last several months, but his wife has not accompanied him to any of them. Michelle Obama has reportedly told people she thinks Buhle was wronged during the divorce because she had to deal with Hunter’s infidelity, drug abuse, and other bad behavior, then she was blamed for it.

The former first lady’s team responded without explicitly denying it. Spokesperson Crystal Carson said that Mrs. Obama “is friends with Kathleen and with the Bidens. Two things can be true.” She claimed the ex-FLOTUS fully supports Biden’s reelection efforts.

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