McConnell and GOP Senators Introduce Bill to Block $6B in Iranian Assets

( – On October 7, the Summi Islamist militant group Hamas attacked Israel in a move that took the Jewish State and most of the world by surprise. Thousands have died, and even more have suffered injuries. In the aftermath, many, including GOP lawmakers, pointed the finger at Iran for contributing to the war, accusing the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism of helping Hamas to perpetrate one of the deadliest attacks on Israel. Now, they’re looking to reinstate sanctions.

On Tuesday, October 17, Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), joined by Republican Senators John Kennedy (LA) and Tom Cotton (AR), introduced legislation that would re-freeze the $6 billion the United States recently released as part of a hostage swap deal with Iran. The text of the bill simply states that “any statutory sanctions imposed” on the country “that were waived, suspended, reduced, or otherwise relieved […] are hereby reinstated.”

Speaking about the bill, McConnell said that the idea that releasing the funds didn’t free up more money for Tehran to carry out dastardly acts is “absurd.” He says the evidence speaks to the contrary and to the hate that Iran has for the United States and Israel.

McConnell also spoke out against President Joe Biden’s attempts at drawing Iran to the negotiating table as they did in the Obama era. Instead, he’s calling for Biden to work with Republicans on a “bipartisan Iran policy that will survive his administration.” In other words, it won’t be torn apart or overturned by subsequent presidential admins.

Iran has categorically denied having anything to do with the Hamas attack, though it did celebrate the actions as they happened. US Department of State officials have also said there’s no evidence that Iran was involved. Nevertheless, Biden has taken steps to re-freeze the $6 billion, working with Qatar, where the money currently sits in a bank.

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