Mayoral Candidate Shot Dead at Guerrero Campaign Rally

( – Elections in Mexico are set to occur on June 2, and campaigning for seats couldn’t be more dangerous. The Mexican government reported that at least 22 people running for office across the country have been murdered in the last eight months. The latest victim was a mayoral candidate for Coyuca, campaigning in the country’s southern Guerrero state.

On May 29, mayoral candidate Alfredo Cabrera was holding a campaign rally in Coyuca de Benitez when tragedy struck. An armed individual walked right up to the candidate and shot him several times at close range, killing him. Cabrera was part of a coalition backing center-right former senator and businesswoman Xochitl Galvez. She was second in the presidential race, according to recent polls.

Cabrera’s murder was caught on film, and the “alleged shooter was killed at the scene.” A witness said three other people were injured during the incident, and two people were detained after the murder. The jarring incident understandably caused chaos and panic among the crowd of rally attendees.

Galvez said she knew Cabrera, stating that he was a “generous and good man.” The presidential candidate said she was “outrage[d]” by the murder. She sent her condolences to his family and the town of Coyuca. Guerrero Governor Evelyn Salgado also spoke out, promising the “full weight of the law” against those responsible.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador previously noted that cartels in the region typically take it upon themselves to choose who will become mayor. He said they either run their own candidate for the position or kill opposing candidates they see as potential rivals. Obrador made those remarks in the wake of another murder — Bertha Gisela Gaytan, another mayoral candidate.

Approximately 27,000 soldiers and members of the National Guard will be present during the elections on the 2nd to help keep everyone safe.

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