Massachusetts Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Sale of Unborn Babies

( – The liberal-dominated Massachusetts House has passed a radical new law that knocks huge holes in traditional definitions of parenthood. In the name of “equality,” state lawmakers are pushing woke new language that eliminates words like “mother” and “father” to promote “diverse family structures.” Perhaps worst of all, it effectively legalizes the sale of children.

New Bill Shreds Protections

On June 19, the Massachusetts House of Representatives, which has a Democrat majority of 109 in a chamber with just 160 seats, passed House Bill 4672, the Parentage Equality Act. Supporters say the bill creates a more “progressive” and inclusive concept of parenthood that works better for the “unique family dynamics” of LGBTQ+ people who want to have children.

Obviously, ironclad facts of biology say that only a heterosexual couple can actually have a child without either medical or, in this case, political intervention. Progressive politicians can’t pass a law that changes how reproductive biology works, so in this case, they’ve decided to focus on surrogate parenthood as a tool to let LGBTQ+ people become parents. Surrogate parenthood is nothing new, but in most states, it’s carefully regulated to protect the interests of both children and women. Generally, this is done by the couple who want the baby and the woman who carries it and gives birth, agreeing to a contract before birth –- and, ideally, before contraception.

The Massachusetts bill strips away those safeguards. It’s already legal in the state to agree on a surrogacy contract between conception and birth, but for compensated surrogacy, the surrogate can’t be biologically related to the child she carries (meaning she becomes pregnant through IVF) while in “traditional” surrogacy the “parents” must adopt the child as soon as it’s born and at least one of them must be biologically related to the child.

Now, Democrats want to throw it wide open. Arguing that existing law discriminates against LGBTQ+ people because the law doesn’t recognize them as parents unless they’re biologically related to the child or have adopted it, H.4672 redefines parenthood based on “intent to be a parent of a child” and throws out every traditional meaning of the word. It also allows a man to pay a woman for sex for the purposes of her becoming pregnant as a surrogate mother –- something that, opponents say, looks an awful lot like prostitution.

Finally, the bill allows women to sign a surrogacy contract after birth and be paid for it. In other words, women can now sell their babies to LGBTQ+ couples. State Representative Michael S Day says this is about “love and inclusion” and slams opponents as intolerant, but many people are very worried about this attack on parenthood.

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