Mark Levin Slams Liz Cheney as “Sleazy”

( – Former congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) has got herself into a fight with Fox News host Mark Levin over accusations that she hid pro-Trump evidence from the January 6 Committee. A fiery exchange led to Levin calling the renegade lawmaker “sleazy” –- and things haven’t calmed down from there. It looks like Cheney’s decision to turn on former president Donald Trump won’t be forgiven for a long time.

On March 8, “The Federalist” published an article accusing the January 6 Committee, of which Cheney was the vice chair, of suppressing evidence that Trump had requested National Guard troops to protect the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Cheney claimed there was no evidence Trump had requested Guardsmen, although there was a clear eyewitness account of his chief of staff doing exactly that. A request for troops to protect Congress obviously demolishes the claim that Trump was leading an insurrection against the legislature he was trying to defend.

Reacting to the article, Levin reposted it on X (formerly Twitter) along with a comment that “Sleazy Liz Cheney” should be made to testify under oath about what knowledge she actually had when the committee was writing its report. Cheney quickly replied, accusing Levin of “spreading BS” and calling the article’s author a “bozo.” That quickly escalated into an exchange of abuse between the two.

Cheney, a former GOP congresswoman for Wyoming, was removed from her spot as chair of the House Republican Conference after voting for the second impeachment of President Trump. Former speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) then appointed her to the Democrat-led January 6 committee, where she turned out to be one of the strongest critics of the former president and rapidly alienated most conservatives. In 2022 she lost renomination for her House seat. Despite that, she still sees herself as a savior of the Republican Party –- but few Republicans want her help anymore.

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