Kari Lake Lashes Out Over Alleged Antisemitic Associations

(LibertySons.org) – Kari Lake recently became outraged over an article originally published on October 24 in Media Matters for America, a non-profit watchdog, and picked up by Arizona Central a couple of days later. The piece accused her of “embracing” a number of white nationalist and antisemitic apologists by endorsing or promoting them politically, suggesting that she subscribed to their policies.

Another outlet, the Arizona Republican, briefly picked up the story but appeared to have removed it from its website. In her anger, Lake lashed out at Democratic Arizona Senate candidate Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) in a tweet on X, formerly Twitter, after he commented on the Arizona Central version of the story about her. She said he “voted to support bloodthirsty Hamas terrorists.” She also called him “anti-Semitic” and called for his ouster from office. Newsweek noted that Lake provided no evidence to support her accusations against Gallego and concluded they were apparently baseless.

The Media Matters article provided a list of individuals whom Lake promoted or endorsed who have expressed antisemitic sentiments.

  • Jarrin Jackson: During the 2022 election cycle, Lake endorsed his candidacy for a state Senate seat in Oklahoma. Jackson, an online streamer, promoted several antisemitic conspiracy theories, prompting one Phoenix Jewish group to call on Lake to reconsider her position. In fact, she later rescinded her endorsement.
  • Michael Scheuer: In July 2023, Lake joined podcaster Scheuer, a former CIA operative, to promote her book, “Unafraid: Just Getting Started.” Scheuer has made no secret of his distrust and dislike of Jewish people, calling them by turns “subversive,” “disloyal,” and “lethal enemies of Americans.”
  • Stew Peters: Lake appeared twice with the far-right livestream host. Peters spoke at Nick Fuentes’ 2022 conference, claiming several antisemitic memes regarding mass media, conspiracy theories, and Jewish supremacy.
  • Greyson Arnold: During the summer of 2021, Lake took a photo with far-right personalities Ethan Schmidt-Crockett, who strongly opposed masking and founder of the AntiMaskersClub, and Arnold, a Nazi apologist. Reportedly, Arnold posted the picture on his X, formerly Twitter, account.
  • Ian Smith: Lake endorsed Smith during the 2022 cycle in his unsuccessful congressional bid. Post-election, Smith has expressed strong antisemitic opinions, become a Nazi apologist, and subscribed to White Nationalist ideals.

While Lake might be angry because she feels Media Matters misconstrued the evidence presented, the media outlet did provide specific instances for the allegations made in the article.

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