Judge Blocks New Immigration Law Following Biden Admin Lawsuit

(LibertySons.org) – In April, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed Senate File 2340 into law. The new measure, set to take effect in July, would make it a state crime for a person who was previously deported or denied entrance into the US to enter the Hawkeye State. The bill gives the state’s law enforcement the power to enforce already existing federal immigration laws. However, the law was recently blocked.

On May 9, the Justice Department sued the State of Iowa, challenging the law, stating it went against the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause and Foreign Commerce Clause. A little over a month later, a federal judge agreed with the DOJ and blocked the law. Judge Stephen Locher wrote that while the “new legislation might be defensible…as a matter of politics,” it was unconstitutional. Unlike Texas, who tried unsuccessfully to make the same move, Iowa is not a border state to the north or the south. Oklahoma also tried to pass a similar measure — without success.

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird (R) said she was “disappointed” by the judge’s decision. She claimed that President Joe Biden refused to “secure our borders,” leaving states with “no choice” but to take matters into their own hands. Her words echoed the state governor’s. Reynolds accused the Biden administration of failing on immigration, adding that she signed the bill into “law to protect Iowans…from the results of this border crisis.”

Immigration has been a hot-button item so far this election season. Earlier in the year, Congress was working on a bipartisan bill to address some of the issues at the border. However, Senate Republicans stopped the legislation after receiving orders to do so from the former president. As a result, Biden recently issued an executive order to limit the number of migrants entering the country. The action has reportedly already made an impact.

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