Hillary Clinton Gets Humiliated During Response To Biden’s Speech

(LibertySons.org) – Hilary Clinton reportedly got far more than she bargained for during a public appearance at Columbia University on October 23. As she was talking to the audience, a heckler interrupted to demand that she publicly criticize President Joe Biden.

Clinton was in the middle of discussing human rights violations, such as China’s alleged mistreatment of the Ugyhurs people, when the man suddenly stood up. He began to heckle her from across the room.

The two immediately started talking over one another in a chaotic and heated exchange. The heckler pressed Clinton for a response on Biden’s most recent presidential address, calling it “war-mongering.” Pointing out that the president said he would issue approximately $100 billion dollars in financial aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan, he asked if everyone was supposed to bundle it together and “pretend like we’re going to rush to World War III.”

The former Secretary of State cut him off a short time later, arguing back that the shouting match was no way to have a conversation. She challenged him to come talk to her at the end of the event. But the heckler called her out on that point, too, saying that he didn’t believe she would wait for him, even though she vowed that she would.

The argument continued to go in circles until Clinton dismissively waved him away and told him to sit down. But the heckler held out still, pointing out that he was only exercising his First Amendment rights. Clinton attempted to disagree, suggesting that free speech didn’t count if one was interrupting someone else while talking. The heckler countered by accusing the people on stage of crafting hypocritical narratives.

The two continued to clash for some time. At one point, an official tried to step in and redirect the man, but he continued to share his views anyhow. Clinton continuously attempted to redirect the conversation, even as the heckler labeled Biden’s speech as “openly warmongering, suicidal and idiotic.”

Then, with a wave of her hand, the former Secretary of State told him to sit down. She attempted to start a conversation with Frank Mugisha about Uganda’s anti-homosexuality act. The heckler continued to shout until Clinton confirmed she would not make a statement.

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