GOP Senator Tells Biden to ‘Pray’ for Immunity Over Border Policies

( – The US Supreme Court is currently mulling whether to grant former President Donald Trump full immunity for alleged criminal conduct while in the Oval Office. Republicans largely support the idea of presidential immunity. One GOP senator said President Joe Biden should be riding the immunity train as well.

Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC)  responded to the left’s criticism of the Supreme Court. He accused Democrats of attacking the justices to protect President Joe Biden’s record and his immigration policies.

The South Carolina lawmaker declared the president should “hope and pray there’s presidential immunity.” He went on to say Biden allowed Laken Riley’s alleged murderer to be released on parole because of ICE’s “lack of capacity,” and without immunity, he’d be subject to a lawsuit and “criminal prosecution.”

Riley was a 22-year-old student at Augusta University’s College of Nursing. She was killed while jogging around the University of Georgia’s campus. The suspect, Jose Antonio Ibarra, is an immigrant from Venezuela who was seeking asylum. ICE said he was released “for further processing,” which is typical with asylum cases. According to authorities, he murdered Riley with blunt force trauma to her head.

The senator alleges Ibarra was paroled because El Paso didn’t have the capacity to hold him. Graham argued there’s nothing in the law that permits the government to release migrants based on capacity, saying Riley is dead as a result. He told Fox News that all of the women killed by migrants had one thing in common: the government let them enter the US illegally.

Graham went on to say, “The border is beyond broken.” The senator accused the president of being “beyond reckless” and said he took a “parole statute that’s limited in nature” and paroled over a million people.

The Supreme Court’s immunity decision is expected at any time.

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