Feds Investigate Mayor Adams’ Private Emails and Missing China Trip Records

(LibertySons.org) – New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) was elected to lead the Big Apple in 2021, becoming only the second Black American to hold the position. But the position didn’t come without its woes. Adams has faced much criticism and controversy since taking the position a mayor of such a prominent city in America. While he’s taken that criticism on the chin and continued his job, now he’s facing questions from the FBI.

On June 25, the Feds are looking into at least one trip Adams took that was allegedly partially funded by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Agents reportedly raided the home of one of Adams’ key aides, Winnie Greco, looking for emails and records of trips the pair took to China. These trips allegedly took place before Adams was mayor, between 2014 and 2021, when the NYC leader was Brooklyn Borough president. They were reportedly arranged by Greco.

A source told the news outlet that the probe was part of a larger corruption investigation involving Adams and his aide.

According to reports, Adams’ office has already shared emails from the trip in 2014 with an agency that oversees and enforces ethics in New York City. It found “no apparent violation of the conflict of interest law.” However, a document reportedly showed that Antonio Reynoso, the current Brooklyn Borough president, indicated some data regarding the trip was missing. Adams allegedly used personal emails while he was president, which didn’t store data.

The Post stated that the CCP paid $787 for that trip, and Sino-America paid nearly $7,000. The latter is a non-profit association in New York run by Greco.

A spokesperson for Mayor Adams’ office reached out to Fox News, stating the office’s attorney “sent a letter” to the general council for the Brooklyn Borough president’s office requesting it “conduct a more diligent search” because there were records available.

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