Fauci Slammed for Stating He is Not Obligated to Follow Catholic Practices

(LibertySons.org) – Dr. Anthony Fauci recently agreed to an interview with the BBC’s Katty Kay to discuss his life and choices. During their discussion, Fauci, whose parents raised him as a Catholic and sent him to Jesuit schools, explained he no longer attended mass or actively practiced Catholicism because “it seems almost like a pro forma thing that I don’t really need to do.”

As they strolled the halls, Fauci pointed out a window overlooking Dahlgren Chapel, where he and his wife, Dr. Christine Grady, wed in 1985. Kay noted that Fauci no longer practiced as a Catholic and asked why. Initially, Fauci seemed to want to sidestep the question by answering, “A number of complicated reasons.” However, Kay didn’t let it go and asked him to explain.

Fauci listed his first reason as believing his personal ethics were adequate to keep him “on the right path.” He followed up, saying he felt the Church encompassed enough negative organizational aspects to dissuade him. He alluded to Kay having some awareness of the negatives he spoke of but didn’t want to enumerate them. He said he wasn’t against Catholicism or the Church; he married in the Church, received baptism there, baptized his children there, and still identified as Catholic. Yet, the doctor said routine attendance and practice was something he didn’t feel compelled to do.

Social media responses on X, formerly Twitter, ranged from disbelief at Fauci’s arrogance for assuming he doesn’t need guidance from the Church and disgust with his seeming self-importance to poking fun at his hypocrisy because many have questioned his personal and professional ethics.

Yet an America Magazine article from 2022 pointed out that Fauci, who grew up strong in the Jesuit tradition of helping those in need, may have suffered a loss of faith in the Catholic Church when he fought the AIDS epidemic throughout the 70s.

As Fauci tried to listen and respond to criticisms leveled by gay men suffering the brunt of the epidemic, he found the Church leadership generally struggled with its need to assert moral doctrine before rendering desperately needed physical aid and comfort.

Kay and Fauci touched on some differences between the AIDS epidemic and the recent pandemic and Fauci’s responses to each.

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