Escaped Illegal Immigrants Surge to Nearly 2 Million Under Biden Administration

( – The southwest border has been in chaos throughout President Joe Biden’s first term. Millions of immigrants have crossed the border without documentation. A new report indicates there could be nearly 2 million others roaming the streets that the government doesn’t have information on.

In December 2023, House Homeland Security Chair Mark Green (R-TN) released interviews with America’s border chiefs about the crisis. The officials all expressed concerns about the safety risks posed by “gotaways,” or migrants who evaded capture. A federal source said the number of “gotaways” could be as much as 1.9 million since Biden’s January 2021 inauguration.

In the transcript released by Green last year, Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens, then-head of the Del Rio Sector, said “gotaways” are a major security concern. The congressman asked if Owens was worried terrorists might get into the country undetected. He responded that it was concerning that law enforcement doesn’t know “where they come from, what their intent is, what they’re bringing with them,” telling the Republican, “Of course it’s a concern.”

In addition to the 1.9 million unidentified migrants, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has 7.4 million migrants on its non-detained docket. That’s part of the agency’s Alternatives to Detention program, which ICE claims have helped “support noncitizens compliance with release conditions” and has “increased court appearance rates.” That’s double the 3.7 million migrants who were on the docket before Biden took office.

Fox reached out to the Biden administration to ask about the massive number of migrants who have entered the country undetected. A spokesperson for the White House blamed Republicans for blocking the bipartisan border security bill, saying lawmakers could have supported “the fairest and toughest set of reforms in decades” by passing the bill. The spokesperson said the GOP chose to play partisan politics instead and accused them of not caring “about securing the border.”

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