Disney and Governing District Seal Deal with DeSantis Reps’ Approval

(LibertySons.org) – In 2022, Disney spoke out against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) prenatal rights law, dubbed Don’t Say Gay. In response, the state leader used his powers and the backing of the GOP-led legislature to strip the company of its special district. While the legal back and forth ended with a mutual agreement to stop the fighting in March, the new district appointees overseeing Disney and the Disney company itself struck an agreement moving forward.

On June 12, the DeSantis-appointed five-person group unanimously approved a 15-year development deal with Disney. The House of Mouse will have to donate up to 100 of its 24,000 acres to the district so it can construct infrastructure projects of its choosing. Disney will also have to use Florida companies for at least half of its construction projects and spend a minimum of $10 million on affordable housing in central Florida.

In exchange, Disney will be allowed to build another theme park at Disney World and two other minor parks in the area if it chooses. The company will also be allowed to increase the number of its restaurants and retail shops by over 20% and increase the number of its hotel rooms. It is reportedly expected to spend $17 billion on expansion over the next 10 years, creating jobs for the state.

District board member Brian Aungst was happy about the agreement, stating it was something they “all have been looking forward to.” Those in the central Florida tourism industry were also elated about the settlement. Planet Hollywood International CEO Robert Earl said the agreement showed both parties were willing to work “together for the great state of Florida.”

While International Theme Park Services founder Dennis Speigel stated that “Disney and Florida have finally kissed and made up,” the company still has an outstanding suit pending against the FL governor and the appointees. It’s unclear if the case will move forward.

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