Congress Issues Subpoenas to Biden Family and Associates in Recent Clampdown

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( – House Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY), House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH), and House Ways and Means Chair Jason Smith received the green light in September from then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to proceed with an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. During the week of November 8, as House Oversight Chair, Comer issued 16 subpoenas to the Biden family and their associates.

On November 8, Comer prepared subpoenas for Hunter Biden, James Biden, Sara Biden (James’s wife), Hallie Biden (Beau Biden’s widow and Hunter’s former girlfriend), Melissa Cohen (Hunter’s current wife), Rob Walker, Elizabeth Secundy (Hallie’s older sister), and Tony Bobulinksi (Hunter’s former business partner). Comer hopes to learn more about James Biden’s relationship with Americore, a financially compromised healthcare company seeking foreign investments and loans between Joe Biden and his brother.

On November 9, Comer issued subpoenas to Eric Schwerin, co-founder of the Rosemount Seneca Advisors investment firm with Hunter Biden, Mervyn Yan, a former CEFC China Energy official, George Bergès, the art gallery owner representing Hunter Biden’s artwork, Elizabeth Naftali, a prominent Democratic donor, philanthropist, and reportedly one of the purchasers of Hunter Biden’s artwork, Carol Fox, formerly of Americore, Joey Langston, a James Biden associate convicted of bribing a judge, John Hynansky, a Ukrainian-American Democratic megadonor who loaned James Biden half a million for a home, and Jason Galanis, an associate of Devon Archer convicted of multiple count of fraud.

Unlike previous presidential impeachment inquiries, the allegations don’t connect to a specific day or action during Biden’s current term as president. Instead, Comer, Jordan, and Smith continue to investigate connections allegedly showing a pattern of influence peddling during Biden’s time as vice president under former President Barack Obama, benefitting Joe Biden and his family members. Yet, thus far, the investigators lack hard evidence of the president’s involvement or any benefit he received.

They hope to uncover more solid connections and evidence through the subpoena process, a tool to which they didn’t have access until the Speaker authorized the inquiry.

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