Bill Maher Controversially Compares Speaker Mike Johnson to a Mass Shooter

( – Long-time pundit and comedian Bill Maher has a storied history of mocking political, religious, and media targets and making brash comparisons. On October 27, Maher targeted newly minted House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) after Republicans rallied around him on October 25 as a unifying force following a fierce 22-day battle amongst GOP candidates for the position. During a panel discussion, Maher actually compared Johnson to the mass shooter from Maine.

Previously, Maher cited his qualifications for the Speaker position, saying Republicans really liked him because he’s a “Super-duper-uber Christian.” He mentioned that Johnson was also a strong election denier, leading him to say the new Speaker seemed to be an ideal GOP candidate: “Loves Jesus, hates democracy.”

The comedian threw more jabs regarding Johnson’s adherence to Biblical principles, his past work as a trial lawyer for Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative Christian coalition that worked against the legalization of gay marriage before the Supreme Court decision, and his pro-life stance against all abortions. However, he saved his most critical statements for the panel discussion with NYU Professor Scott Galloway and Fox News “The Five” co-host Jessica Tarlov.

During the discussion, Galloway pointed out how Johnson actively worked against the peaceful transfer of power after the last election, one of the tenets of US democracy. After receiving the GOP vote as House Speaker, the Louisiana lawmaker claimed God “ordained” his ascension to Speaker in answer to prayer. Yet, Galloway also stressed that the Constitutional Democracy requires separation of Church and State.

Galloway added he believed the greatest threat the world faces comes from political extremism. He explained, “[O]n the far left, we have apologists for terrorism, and on the far right, we now have a Speaker who is claiming […] shootings are a function of […] teaching evolution.”

Maher replied, “When you’re this much of a religious fanatic, there is no room for real democracy.” After mentioning again how Johnson based his worldview on Biblical principles, Maher said he was reading about the mass shooting in Maine on the evening of October 25, leaving 18 dead and 13 injured. Maher admitted authorities knew little about the shooter at the time he read the article except to say “he heard voices.” Yet, he asked, “Is he that different than Mike Johnson?”

The question elicited laughs from his panelists and audience. Maher added, “I mean, degree? Yes, but it’s thinner than you think.” In response to the mass shooting, Speaker Johnson told reporters, “At the end of the day, […] the problem is the human heart. It’s not guns.”

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