Biden’s Policy Blunder Risks Losing Medicare Advantage Support

( – Medicare and Social Security are two of the many hot-button issues this election season. In May, President Joe Biden released a statement vowing that “as long as [he] is president, [he] will keep strengthening” both programs, in addition to protecting them. Biden said he would “always fight for America’s seniors” and stop the GOP from cutting the programs. During a recent rally, former President Donald Trump blasted Biden regarding Medicare Advantage, drawing on Biden’s blunder during the debate about Medicare.

While at Temple University in Philadelphia, Trump said the president “cut Medicare Advantage for the last two years.” He then asked the audience if they knew that. The presumptive GOP presidential candidate said that Biden was “destroying Medicare” because of migrants, claiming the president was allowing them to get on Medicare and receive Social Security. While migrants who are legally in the country and qualify for the programs can receive benefits, but undocumented immigrants are not eligible and do not receive those benefits.

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans work with Medicare to give recipients more health coverage. In April, the Biden administration announced an average cut of .16% that it would pay to the private insurance companies—Medicare Advantage. However, those cuts should be offset by other risk adjustments for customers and end with a net increase. MA is not Medicare itself but encompasses private insurance companies that work in conjunction with Medicare.

A former nurse who believes the cuts might be devastating for the Biden administration. She thinks the millions of Americans using MA will see an increase in premiums while experiencing fewer benefits. Heritage Action Executive Vice President Ryan Walker believes Biden is making these changes to move toward a Medicare-for-all system.

The Biden administration denies it is making any cuts to Medicare, calling the claims “categorically false” and “disinformation.” The White House told that “payments to Medicare Advantage plans are expected to increase by 3.7% next year.”

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