Biden’s Gaza Pier Faces Setback After Two Days

( – Earlier this year, the US began building a temporary pier off the coast of Gaza to provide humanitarian aid to the region. The pier became operational in May but was quickly destroyed by heavy seas and high winds. The US repaired it, but the United Nations (UN) World Food Program (WFP) has paused the distribution of aid again.

On Sunday, June 9, the UN announced it was pausing the distribution of aid from the pier because of safety concerns. WFP Director Cindy McCain, the widow of late Senator John McCain (R-AZ), said two of the agency’s warehouses in Gaza were hit with rockets. A staff member was hurt in the incidents.

McCain appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” and said operations from the pier are paused because she was “concerned about the safety of our people after the incident” on Saturday where the warehouses were attacked. She explained that the WFP was stepping back so the UN could determine whether it was safe to begin moving aid from the pier and into Gaza again.

The director made it clear that the WFP was still operating throughout Gaza, even though it wasn’t using the pier. McCain said they’re doing everything they “can in the north and the south.” The WFP made a similar announcement on X, formerly Twitter.

During her interview on “Face the Nation,” McCain also addressed the blowback she received from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for saying there’s a “full-blown famine” in the northern region of Gaza. The PM claimed McCain was “misinformed.”

McCain explained that when she made the comment, that’s what was happening. She said that since then, Israel has allowed the WFP to get more aid into the region but now there’s a similar issue in the South. She said, “There are people that are very hungry and don’t have access because of the danger.” She called on Israel and Hamas to agree to a ceasefire so more people could receive the help they need.

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