Biden’s Family Urges Him to Stay and Suggests Firing Advisers

( – There’s no question that President Joe Biden’s performance at the first debate in late June was a disaster. He appeared at times confused and at others frozen in time. At the end, his wife even had to help him off the stage. While the media and Republicans have been brutal — as have some Democrats — Biden’s family is standing behind him and blaming his team for the debacle.

On June 27, Biden and former President Donald Trump faced off at the first debate of the 2024 campaign season. CNN hosted the event. Throughout the 90-minute exchange, Biden’s voice was weak, at times nearly impossible to hear. He was also unintelligible and bizarrely pivoted from one unrelated topic to another.

Media outlets — including typically left-leaning sites like the Wall Street Journal — have criticized his performance and called for him to step aside. Now, it has been reported that Biden’s family members met at Camp David after the debate, and they didn’t hold back on their opinions.

According to three people who were briefed on the family meeting but not a part of it, the family members blamed the president’s top advisors for everything from him looking overworked to not having a strategy mapped out for his second term. They claimed it was his team’s fault he wasn’t constantly on the defensive about his record and wasn’t able to pivot and attack. As a politician who’s been in public service for over five decades, some of these things should be old hat for him.

The family members recommended that Biden fire or demote some or all of his advisors due to his poor showing in the debate. The question is, will he? The short answer, according to the anonymous sources, is no. They say many on his team have worked with him for many years, and he trusts them completely.

With polls showing that 41% of Democrats who responded want Biden replaced on the November ballot and Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) calling for him to step aside, the pressure is on the president, his family, and his staff.

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