Biden’s Daughter Faces Tax Troubles

( – First daughter Ashley Biden received notification of two tax liens from the Philadelphia office of the Pennsylvania Revenue Office on December 1. Biden and her husband, a surgeon and businessman, live in Philadelphia. While performing research on a related project, Garrett Ziegler, founder of Marco Polo USA and once an aide to former President Donald Trump, found the liens from unpaid taxes from 2015 and 2021 and notified the media of their existence.

Ashley’s Issues

According to news outlets, the state levied the liens for unpaid taxes from 2015 and 2021, initially assessed in the amounts of $1,691 and $1,956, respectively. After adding interest and penalties, the Pennsylvania Revenue Office has issued the liens at $2,736 and $2,249. The agency has also added a filing fee of $94.44. The outstanding total for both years comes to $5079.44. Pennsylvania has a flat 3.07% individual state income tax.

The timeline coincides with two significant events in Ashley Biden’s life. Her oldest brother, Beau, died in May 2015, throwing her life into a tailspin by her own admission. In 2020, she quit her job to help her father campaign for the Democratic nomination and then the presidency. It remains unclear how these events might have affected either her income or her deductions or whether she filed taxes with her husband.

GOP Lawmaker Comments

Before serving in Congress, Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA) served as Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Revenue. The lawmaker opined that Ashley Biden’s liens resulted from either “privilege or carelessness.”

Meuser told The New York Post he estimated Biden’s net worth to be approximately $2 million. “[S]he can’t even find the time to pay $5,000 of her Pennsylvania taxes,” he scolded, telling the outlet that tax compliance in the Keystone State is simple. He characterized her failure, “At best it’s sad; at worst it’s unlawful.”

The lawmaker didn’t stop there. He pointed out that President Biden has made tax enforcement one of the planks of his reelection campaign. Meuser said the incumbent has emphasized the importance of Americans in the highest tax brackets paying their fair share. However, he noted the extreme hypocrisy involved when both the president’s surviving children had failed to meet their own tax obligations.

Ziegler, claiming a non-partisan status, agreed that “the Bidens are the living embodiment of hypocrisy.” He said this instance was yet another example of Biden family carelessness. He found it especially troubling that members of the first family wouldn’t even have checked to ensure they had no tax liens heading “into an election year.”

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