Biden and Lauren Boebert Trade Blows in Colorado Confrontation

( – Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) may have struggled at times with the spotlight of fame in recent months, but she’s still a feisty scrapper and not about to let some Democrat steal her thunder. So, when President Joe Biden announced his trip to Pueblo, Colorado, the lawmaker’s home district, she threw down in a flurry of words over policies like the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) that she believes are hurting her constituents.

Touting Bidenomics, Biden spoke at length on the afternoon of November 29 about the jobs and businesses created in Pueblo and throughout Colorado by the IRA, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and the CHIPS and Science Act. He reminded the crowd that Boebert had voted against all three and even called the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law “garbage” and “a scam.”

The president visited the CS Wind Factory, a Korean-owned wind tower manufacturer, reportedly the largest facility in the world with 870 employees. He claimed that his Investing in America agenda had prompted CS Wind to invest an additional $200 million in the coming year to expand the Pueblo facility, doubling production and adding 850 more jobs. Biden gave more examples of companies investing in green energy technologies in the Centennial State and beyond.

Boebert unsheathed her knives in an interview later that evening. She talked about how incredibly difficult it was to watch Biden stumble through his speech earlier that day as he slurred his words and became difficult to understand. Yet, she mentioned the deficit had become all too routine for the president.

The lawmaker pointed out that Republicans in Congress voted against the Inflation Expansion Act, as she called the IRA, because it was nothing more than the Green New Deal, full of extremist policies and unrealistic market goals, dressed in a poorly-tailored new frock. Likewise, she said the infrastructure bill authorized only 7% of the funds toward traditional infrastructure, like roads or dams, insinuating it was a huge porkbarrel waste.

She called Bidenomics a failure. While he touted green energy jobs, he completely ignored all the oil and gas jobs Coloradoans had lost because of his policies, she said. She called his policies dishonest.

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