World’s Oceans May Rise Up to a Foot Due to Zombie Ice

World's Oceans May Rise Up to a Foot Due to Zombie Ice

New “Zombie” Threat To Cause Oceans to Rise

( – The news coming out of Greenland is dire. Researchers who published a study on the country’s ice sheet in the Nature Climate Change journal have new concerns regarding heavy melting. William Colgan and Jason Box revealed their investigation results, showing sea levels will eventually rise by 10.6 inches due to the natural loss of “zombie ice.”

“Zombie ice” is a frozen sheet that is melting into the ocean because it’s no longer receiving food from larger “parent” glaciers. Nothing anyone does now will stop these areas from disappearing and there is no way to reverse the phenomenon, — even through green agendas.

The issue happened because of less snow in the mountains of Greenland. Glaciers rely on that precipitation moving down the slopes to help maintain them as their edges melt. Over the years, there’s been a reduction in snowfall, leaving the zombie pieces to die away.

The study’s prediction was worse than previous accounts. Prior to this report, experts believed sea levels would rise by a maximum of five inches. Colgan and Box’s research marks the first time scientists looked into minimum ice loss to see how it would impact sea levels.

The seriousness of a 10-inch increase is not good for people living in coastal areas. It will make storms and surges more destructive, leading to devastation in those regions.

Scientists don’t foresee the last of the dying pieces melting completely until around 2150.

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