World Leader Accused of Illegal Act

World Leader Accused of Illegal Act

( – Last year, the Freedom Convoy, a massive group of truckers, gathered around the Canadian capital in protest. Eventually, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the nation’s Emergencies Act (EA), giving him the power to bring the movement to its knees. However, Trudeau may have illegally invoked that measure, according to an attorney for the Freedom Convoy.

During an exclusive interview with The Post Millennial, Eva Chipiuk, the Freedom Convoy’s lawyer, said there was a lot for Richard Mosley, a federal judge, to take in and comprehend in regard to Trudeau’s invocation of the EA and whether or not it was warranted. Chipiuk noted that she was optimistic that Mosley would rule in favor of the Freedom Convoy and against the Prime Minister’s decision to invoke the EA. But she also said she felt that would leave the federal judge between a rock and a hard place.

The attorney said that after hearing testimony from both sides of the argument, Mosley will have to come to a decision and determine whether or not Trudeau lawfully used the EA to stifle the trucker protest. Chipiuk explained if the judge declares the Prime Minister unlawfully implemented the EA, he would have to suggest how the Canadian leader should’ve handled the situation and determine what kind of punishment, if any, Trudeau should face.

The EA states that it authorizes “the taking of special temporary measures” in order to “ensure safety and security during national emergencies.” However, Chipiuk claims there isn’t sufficient evidence to prove there was a “national emergency.” She claimed that the existing evidence actually “showed the opposite.”

One power the EA granted the federal government was the ability to freeze the bank accounts of anyone that was part of or helped the Freedom Convoy. Mosley appeared to disagree with the move to block the truckers’ access to their accounts, explaining he found it difficult not to interpret the move as “some form of seizure.” Chipiuk concluded the interview by declaring that the Canadian government abused its power and needed “to own up to what it did.”

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