White House Reveals It Is Working to Control News You See

White House Reveals It Is Working to Control News You See

(LibertySons.org) – Social media censorship hit the headlines recently with former President Donald Trump’s announcement he filed a lawsuit against tech giants Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Of particular importance is his lawsuits’ claim that social media platforms coordinated their efforts to restrict information with Joe Biden’s transition team earlier this year and should be treated like government entities as a result.

In a stunning display of honesty, White House press secretary Jen Psaki seemed to confirm that notion during a recent press conference.

Psaki Admits to Censorship

On July 16, 2021, Psaki admitted to reporters at the daily White House briefing that the Biden administration was advising and directing social media platforms to censor content. She specifically mentioned working with Facebook to target the removal of COVID-19 “misinformation.” Psaki said the White House is flagging posts it feels Facebook should remove to prevent the spread of information inconsistent with the administration’s COVID-19 guidelines.

To justify these actions, the press secretary said these posts are harmful and eliminate individuals’ “freedom to make informed decisions” concerning COVID-19. She also blamed alleged misinformation on Facebook for anti-mask and anti-vaccine movements, which she claimed increased infection and death rates.

A Problematic Scenario

Giving guidance is one thing, but it appears the Biden Administration is pressuring social media platforms to ban anything it deems dangerous. This broad term leaves a lot of room open for interpretation. Who gets to decide what is harmful or not? It can quickly become the way the White House controls the public narrative and the flow of information. The Biden administration’s apparent interference in day-to-day operations of social media platforms represents censorship at its finest and a completely autocratic approach to governance.

Of particular concern is the lack of consistency from top administration health officials. For example, in the early days of the pandemic, they warned people not to wear masks because they offer no protection. However, officials reversed themselves and mask mandates became the law of the land, at least in Democratic-led states.

Fighting the Censorship

Putting the brakes on Biden administration efforts to control the narrative regarding COVID-19 isn’t going to be easy. Congress is currently working on strengthening antitrust laws to address the power of big tech, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas recently stated the court would soon have to address the influence Big Tech exerts over information.

While a resolution may not be coming soon, the first step to solving many problems is admitting one exists. Psaki’s admission has shed light on the situation, and if the White House doesn’t take corrective action, Republican lawmakers are standing by to apply their own fix.

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