White House Considered Giving Gas Cards to Americans

White House Considered Giving Gas Cards to Americans

(LibertySons.org) – In an Axios exclusive on March 19, the outlet reported the Biden administration considered giving Americans gas cards to help combat the high fuel prices. An insider said it would have been part of a package seeking to address the energy crisis. Coming with inflation at its worst in 50 years, the idea was still in the early stages of development when White House counsel and House members shot it down.

Biden is facing a lot of pressure due to the skyrocketing gas prices. With sanctions on Russia, problems have only worsened, pushing the president to try and quickly come up with solutions. Gas cards were just one idea Democrats considered, but a House Democratic counsel produced a list of reasons gas cards weren’t the right move.

Lawmakers explained the idea would be, at best, a temporary fix that would do nothing to help the overall issues, including inflation, and would come with a high price tag. They also said it would be difficult to target the right people, and delivery would cause many issues, including overburdening the IRS.

White House spokesperson Vedant Patel told the news outlet the administration didn’t seriously consider sending gas cards but is working on ideas to help ease the burden at the pump. Other potential solutions include sending out more stimulus checks, increasing ethanol usage, canceling unused federal leases for oil companies, suspending the federal gas tax, implementing higher taxes on oil companies, and providing federal rebates for people paying over $4 a gallon.

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