Video Evidence Found Of Possible Ballot Trafficking

Video Evidence Found Of Possible Ballot Trafficking

( – The 2020 presidential election was anything but smooth. The highly contested race ended with Joe Biden in the White House, but many people still claim widespread voter fraud put him there.

True The Vote, committed to preserving election integrity, started an investigation into ballot trafficking in late 2020. The organization put together investigators to look into the voting process.

They gathered cell signals in six states across various metropolitan locations, implementing the same methods as law enforcement to track criminal activity. They were able to map the patterns of people going to drop boxes.

True the Vote found clear evidence of ballot trafficking, which the group submitted to the FBI in a complaint.

The election integrity organization is also putting together video proof of their claims to back up the digital data. The process is tedious because of the low-quality videos, but AI-based code is helping to screen them and extract usable information.

Thus far, law enforcement has done nothing, and lawmakers and other government leaders have refused to act on this information. True The Vote is ready to make findings public to expose the “massive scale” of ballot trafficking in the 2020 election. However, the group asks, what will happen then? Will Americans demand an investigation or action?

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