US Secrets About Fighter Jets Reportedly Stolen by China

US Secrets About Fighter Jets Reportedly Stolen by China

( – China’s J-20 Mighty Dragon stealth fighter is eerily similar to America’s Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. The glaring similarities between the two fighter jets have caused an increasing amount of concern among US officials regarding industrial security measures. Some believe America’s top adversary may have even stolen secrets regarding the F-22 Raptor based on the prevalence of similar design features found on the J-20 Mighty Dragon.

Stealing Secrets

James Anderson, former Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Policy in the Trump administration, told Fox News Digital that China has spent many years stealing US secrets, using the Joint Strike Fighter and the F-22 Raptor programs to develop technology to feature on their J-20 Mighty Dragon. Anderson stressed the need for more robust safeguards on secret weapon systems to protect technological advancements in the US and ensure the safety and security of America’s military.

China has a long history of using a range of espionage techniques, including cyber activity, to obtain key data on military systems. According to Anderson, China’s spying campaign has included sophisticated cyberattacks as well as “old fashioned” techniques like honey traps and bribery to enlist the help of American contractors, university researchers, and authorities. Experts contend that China’s activities have improved its fighter aircraft design beyond what it otherwise would have become and that China’s persistent espionage poses a risk to US national security.

Long Lost Twins

China debuted its J-20 Mighty Dragon in 2017. The fighter jet is seen by many as an exact replica of America’s F-22 Raptor. China’s fighter has forward canard wings, but other than that, the two aircraft look quite alike and are thought to have similar flying characteristics and weapons.

China’s J-20 Mighty Dragon, according to experts, marks a significant improvement in the country’s capacity to assert its dominance in Asia and poses a threat to US military technological parity. Due to the lack of combat between the F-22 Raptor and J-20 Mighty Dragon, it remains unclear how China’s fighter would fare in a real-world contest against its American counterpart.

As China becomes more aggressive, it has built around 208 J-20 Mighty Dragons so far. The fighter’s capabilities have taken on military and political significance. China has employed the fighter in several patrols over Taiwan.

Likewise, in an effort to frighten away neighbors with competing territorial claims, Beijing began J-20 Mighty Dragon patrols over the highly disputed South China Sea in April.

While China has undoubtedly profited from its thievery, the US must do more to protect its technological advancements. As China’s espionage efforts continue, it is essential for the US to take steps to safeguard its technological advancements and ensure the safety and security of its military personnel.

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