US Intel Warns Putin Could Drop a Nuke on Ukrainian City

US Intel Warns Putin Could Drop a Nuke on Ukrainian City

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin isn’t having the success he expected in Ukraine. A strong defense by Ukrainians and a swift response from other nations caused setbacks the leader likely didn’t see coming. US intelligence officials told the House Select Committee on Intelligence that Putin’s frustration could lead to dire consequences involving nuclear weapons.

On March 8, officials from the Defense Intelligence Agency, CIA, NSA and FBI spoke about the Russian leader and what they say may happen next. The slow advancement in Ukraine compounded with the claim that Russia has lost up to 4,000 troops in the past two weeks could lead Putin to consider using a nuke.

William Burns, the director of the CIA, explained the Kremlin has military doctrines in place for “tactical nuclear weapons” and has already invested in such means. The Russian president’s warnings about nuclear war may not be all talk.

Lieutenant General Scott Berrier warned that when Putin says something, we should listen and take him seriously. Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said ignoring the leader won’t work.

She also remarked that he isn’t likely to care about the potential international response, which could actually escalate the situation. Haines believes Putin is aggravated and upset by other nations not giving him what he wants. The Russian leader likely sees this as a situation he cannot lose, which could easily lead to him taking drastic steps to ensure a victory.

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