US General Says China Is Not Attacking Taiwan Anytime Soon

US General Says China Is Not Attacking Taiwan Anytime Soon

U.S. Intel DROPPED On Taiwan – General Tells What’s Next

( – On July 3, General Mark Milley told the BBC there isn’t an immediate threat of China attacking Taiwan. Although the official admits China is working on the capability to “reclaim” the country if it so chooses, he doesn’t believe the benefit outweighs the risk at this time. Still, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff explained the US is keeping an eye on the situation.

Milley further said President Xi Jinping’s decision to act aggressively toward Taiwan is politically based. He explained the leader would carefully weigh how the move would impact his country and make a decision based on his assessment.

Chi Le-yi, a Taiwanese defense commentator, noted Xi is trying to find a legal basis for any action he takes. The media representative believes the Chinese leader wants to find a rational reason to explain away an invasion. Meanwhile, China’s rhetoric regarding Taiwan has been similar to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s public reasoning for attacking Ukraine.

Putin insisted his actions against the neighboring nation were self-defense against NATO expansions and a peacekeeping mission to stop the supposed nazification of Ukraine. He also claimed the nation never established statehood and is not a country in its own right, which is eerily similar to China’s stance that Taiwan is not an independent nation.

Xi has been sending warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace at an increasingly alarming rate, and has publicly stated plans to take the island at some point in the future. Still, experts say nothing is likely to happen soon as there appears to be little payoff for China.

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