U.S. Military CATCHES A SPY – Suspect Arrested!

Army Doctor Was Secretly About to Sell Private Military Data Overseas

Army Doctor Was Secretly About to Sell Private Military Data Overseas

(LibertySons.org) – An Army officer who became news when the military member came out as transgender in 2015 is now facing criminal charges for conspiring to hand over private military medical information to the Russians and attempting to do so. The Department of Justice announced the arrest and indictment of Major Jamie Lee Henry and their wife, Anna Gabrielian, for the federal crimes on September 29.

The married couple had multiple meetings with an undercover FBI agent they believed to be a representative of the Kremlin. During these encounters, the pair committed their loyalty to Russia, with Gabrielian expressing her desire to aid the nation despite the possibility of arrest. The duo said they wanted to provide data to help the Russians with the war in Ukraine. Henry felt the United States was using the sovereign nation to exact vengeance upon its enemy — Russia.

The couple provided confidential medical records of military members and veterans to the agent at a meeting on August 31. Throughout the interactions, Henry insisted on being able to deny involvement. At one point, the major refused to learn the agent’s name as a safeguard to protect the contact’s identity. Despite the assertions she was willing to go to prison for the cause, Gabrielian set up an exit plan for her and the couple’s children from the US if authorities got wind of what they were doing.

The defendants each face eight counts related to charges of conspiracy and providing private health information to Russia. If convicted, they could each spend up to 70 years in prison, and the conspiracy charge could add another five.

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