Two Young Boys DEAD – Vicious Killer Commits Horrific Crimes

Man Who Murdered Young Boys Gets Death Penalty

Man Who Murdered Young Boys Gets Death Penalty

( – A family devastated by the murders of 14- and 12-year-old brothers, Tayten and Robert Baker, received the justice they desired on October 28. A jury recommended a death sentence for Mark Wilson, and the judge handed down the order. Another jury had found the defendant guilty of first-degree murder on October 14.

Wilson’s mother, Chrissy Adkins, served as an informant during the investigation and helped secure evidence resulting in officers arresting the man. She recorded a conversation with her son in which he admitted to killing the boys because he believed the Bakers were going to report him and his wife to children’s services. The killer also revealed they had a plan to take out the whole Baker family.

Adkins explained he had a drug problem and often behaved oddly when using substances. She said she didn’t recognize his voice when he admitted he had taken the boys’ lives.

When given a chance to explain his actions in court, he turned the tables on the children, claiming they abused his daughter.

Wilson viciously killed the Baker boys in August 2020. He was living on the family’s property with his wife, who was the boys’ aunt, when he attacked them with a hammer and slit their throats. State Attorney R.J. Larizza categorized the scene as “brutal.” 

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