Twitter Files Prove Extent of Democrat Narrative Control

Twitter Files Prove Extent of Democrat Narrative Control

( – As part of Elon Musk’s desire to make Twitter more transparent, the billionaire has been working with journalists to release internal documents and information about the inner workings of the platform and how it possibly controlled the public narrative over the past few years. The latest drop of the Twitter Files was on January 12 by Matt Taibbi. It revealed details on alleged Russian interference in US elections.

Twitter Files #14

Taibbi’s installment pushed out information about Democrats spreading misinformation on Russian collusion. The files appear to show Twitter executives telling top-ranking Democrats couldn’t find evidence indicating Russia influenced the 2016 presidential election.

Despite the intelligence from Twitter, politicians and the media kept pushing the story of Russian collusion. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) appeared to blame Russian bots for manipulating the public on social media even though they were informed of the lack of evidence.

The bottom line in the information released by Taibbi was that no one ever produced any proof that the Russian bot issue had ever existed. It was part of a story allegedly pushed by some members of the Democrats and distributed by the media. Still, the executives at Twitter did nothing to alert the public and, instead, allowed the spread of the theory on the platform.

Transparency on Twitter

Musk has said, “Transparency is the key to trust” and has been trying to apply that vision to his new platform. When he took over Twitter, he made freedom a standard. The CEO was clear about being done with needless censorship and wanted everyone to have a chance to speak openly.

Beyond releasing insider information and materials to reveal what used to happen at the company, Musk is making decisions and taking steps to make the platform more visible to the public. One of the more recent acts was an announcement that Twitter would provide the ability to check and see if an account is under a shadow ban. The feature would also provide the reason behind the penalty and give options for appeal.

While some people don’t feel the Twitter Files have exposed much of anything, many think the documents are pulling the curtain back on the influence politicians have over social media. The information has seemingly shown some have used their influence to suppress Americans’ right to free speech. And Musk is getting a pat on the back from many for making it all public.

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