Tucker Carlson Says Biden Is Now Trying to Lower America’s Expectations

Tucker Carlson Says Biden Is Now Trying to Lower America's Expectations

(LibertySons.org) – Ignoring problems is never the solution, or at least that used to be the way people thought about life. According to Tucker Carlson, there seems to be a change in the attitude of US citizens regarding this line of thought, and it results from biased news reporting and direct instructions from the White House.

In his opening commentary on Tucker Carlson Tonight’s October 19 broadcast, the host spoke about how there has been an effort to reduce the expectations of the American people over the last year. He says it began with Black Lives Matter protests that turned into riots, business lootings, and burned buildings. The news media reported these events as mostly peaceful and refused to categorize them as riots.

Then, he said, anchors went even further by comparing rioters’ actions to the Boston Tea Party and insisting violent protests have always been a part of the country. He notes Don Lemon, a CNN anchor, saying the country started due to riots, so this is a normal activity.

The television personality added that the overall opinion has been for people to ignore what’s happening, no matter what it is. In her October 19 press briefing, the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki showed the administration’s attitude matches the media’s. In response to current supply chain issues, Psaki focused on the reporter’s remarks about how people could not get treadmills, making a sarcastic comment about how terrible that was. Mocking the difficult situation the country is in helps nobody, but it does play into the attitude that this is normal and nothing to cause worry.

Carlson also pointed out other occurrences around the country, from pharmacies closing due to looting to the shutdown of cars on the DC Metro, that liberal leaders say are not a concern.

Tucker Carlson explains that the continuous narrative from the far-left is that everything bad happening now has always been happening. You just never noticed. Now, continue to ignore it and accept this as the new normal.

Is America buying it?

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