Trump’s Warning of “Civil War” Is Worrying the Media

Trump's Warning of

Trump’s CIVIL WAR Warning Has Media Panicking

( – On May 21, former President Donald Trump retruthed a post on the TRUTH Social platform by user MAGA King Thanos on March 20 that caused an uproar. The original poster was sharing a screenshot from El Salvador President Nayib Bukele talking about the demise of the US economy, finishing with the additional comment saying “civil war.” Many people took that as the former president supporting or instigating the idea of a civil war in the US.

Bukele’s original comments were in response to a Bloomberg op-ed about inflation. He noted that the problem stemmed from people inside the country bringing it down. Many assumed MAGA King Thanos’ comment was calling for a second civil war.

When Trump shared it, he faced backlash. The Meidas Touch Twitter account leveled accusations at him.

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), a vocal anti-Trumper, also took to Twitter to voice his outrage.

Other Trump critics shared their thoughts about the social media post. Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) tweeted an insult about the former president, saying he’s calling for war when he wasn’t “man enough” to fight in Vietnam or on January 6. Journalist Seth Abramson stated that “every American who loves this country needs to condemn Donald Trump.”

Despite the vocal criticism, some people wonder if this situation is worth the upset. Is a social media share the same as saying something directly? Could it be a calculated act by the former president to stir up his opposition?

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