Trump Wants To Jail Political Opponent

( – In the wake of his ongoing legal challenges, former President Donald Trump sat down virtually with conservative media host Glenn Beck on August 29. While the two men discussed several current topics, Beck asked his guest a couple of interesting questions. Would the GOP hopeful lock up political opponents if he wins the presidency again? Does he regret not locking up Hilary Clinton last time?

Beck reminded the former president that he took the high road last time, saying that locking up opponents wasn’t something Americans did and wasn’t morally right. However, he wanted to know if Trump’s opinion had changed in light of recent experiences.

After first offering to give an example, Trump instead replied he would “have no choice because they’re doing it to us.” He went on to add how much he had always respected the presidency and those who held the office. He explained, “And I never hit Biden as hard as I could have.”

However, Trump indicated he felt a fundamental change when he found out the federal government was working to indict him. He blamed Biden. The former president told Beck he didn’t think the current president had the mental acuity to order the indictments but said Biden and his people were behind every indictment, including the ones in New York and Georgia.

Moreover, Trump blamed the civil suits brought against him by E. Jean Carroll on Democratic operatives who controlled and funded the lawsuits. He claimed he’s facing other civil cases organized by Democrats. He called people who would conspire against others like that “sick” and “evil.”

While critics on the Left predictably made fodder over Trump’s comments, a moderate legal voice who has sometimes acted as an ally spoke out. Jonathan Turley tweeted in response to Trump’s interview with Beck and a subsequent article in The Hill. He said that Trump’s argument of “because they’re doing it to us” wasn’t legally or morally compelling. Instead, Turley called it a form of “mutually assured destruction” that nobody found “appealing.”

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