Trump Unveils Plan To Stop Putin’s Invasion — Will Anyone Listen To Him?

Trump Offers Unique Solution to Deal With Russian Invasion

Trump Offers Unique Solution to Deal With Russian Invasion

( – The recent bombing of the Kerch Bridge, which connects Russia to Crimea, sent Russian President Vladimir Putin into a tailspin. The act resulted in strikes against several targets in Ukraine — namely Zaporizhzhia. Former President Donald Trump is taking a stand on how the United States should handle the situation. He’s suggesting a truce.

On September 28, Trump made his opinions clear in a post on Truth Social, saying there must be negotiations between the two sides. He even suggested he was willing to lead the charge. The former leader also explained that if he were still in office, the conflict wouldn’t have happened, a veiled reference to the failings of President Joe Biden in handling the situation.

At more recent events in Arizona and Miami, he continued his push for negotiating an end to the Ukraine-Russia conflict. He said the extreme loss of life is nothing to scoff at, and something must happen to put an end to this war. He also warned that should it continue, the situation would probably end up as World War III — with nuclear weapon scares at the forefront.

Meanwhile, President Biden has been clear he will not push for negotiations unless it is what Ukraine wants to do, leading some people to wonder if this will play into the midterms. Analysts suggest the issue isn’t at the forefront of voters’ minds. They say Americans are more concerned with the economy and crime than what is happening overseas.

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