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Trump Faces Criticism Over Comments About Jews

Trump Faces Criticism Over Comments About Jews

( – Former President Donald Trump is under fire for his remarks about American Jews. In a Truth Social post on October 16, he mentioned that the Jewish population didn’t appreciate his support for Israel and told the demographic to “get their act together.” Most responses to his words from within the community were not favorable.

Anti-Defamation League CEO and National Director Jonathan Greenblatt called Trump’s words “Jewsplaining.” He also noted that the former Commander in Chief seemed not to understand the relationship between American Jews and Israel, saying it was complicated.

Many reactions on Twitter noted Trump seemed to be out of touch with what Jews in the US think and feel regarding Israel. Some also explained antisemitism is on the rise, and the former president’s remark would only make the problem worse as it was an attack on the community.

The 45th president never really had strong support from within the Jewish population. In a 2020 survey from American Jewish Opinion taken in October, right before the election, only 22% of respondents said they would vote for him.

Trump made a point to show his support for Israel during his administration. He recognized the nation’s authority over Golan Heights and Jerusalem as the capital city. The former president also backed political moves in favor of the country. But his position didn’t affect American Jews, which fueled his comments, and he expressed surprise that his actions didn’t sway them to vote for him.

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